Did you know the inside of your vehicle is dirtier than a public toilet?

You leave your workout at the gym, rushing to pick up the kids at school. You drop your gym bag on the ground while you unlock the door and pitch the bag onto the passenger-side floor.

Stopping quickly for gas, you get oily gunk on your hands from the fuel door and in your hurry, the pump back splashes gas all over your hands and shoes. You wipe it off quickly on a napkin and throw it in the door pocket.

The baby drops her sippy cup full of juice while you are trying to strap her into her car seat and it dribbles all over the carpet.

You pull up at the ball-field to pick up your little leaguers, sweat and muddy cleats and all. They too have school satchels, backpacks, lunchboxes, and gym bags of their own.

They insist on stopping at McDonalds and while you are pitching McNuggets and french fries to them in the back seat, you slam on the brakes for a rude driver, sloshing your cafe mocha all over the cupholder.

In less than an hour, you have transferred into your vehicle - dirt, grass, leaves, mud, asphalt, sand, body sweat, gasoline, food particles, hand oils, grease, juice, and hot milk - not to mention millions of bacteria, germs, and whatever else was on your shoes, bags, clothes, and hands!

Now all you need is the family dog!

Not to leave you worrying, but at least a public toilet gets cleaned every night. How long has it been since you cleaned the inside of your vehicle?

Call Total Eclipse today and let us clean and maintain your interiors. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to keep you and your family riding and driving in a clean, pristine, and healthy environment!

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