Are you worried about the fire

Just a couple of days ago I sat with a young lady to discuss advertisement for a local radio station. As we started talking about how I started my business and what fires me to keep it going, you could see that spark in her eyes. That young entrepreneur bug. You see she has been doing social media advertising for many of small and local business and seemed to me that she was worried about the "Jump into the fire" so to speak. All I could think of was when I first started was I worried like that? My answer to myself was yes. Even today I have those fears.

The fear of the fire. For the young and yes even old entrepreneurs the fear of change scares us, starting a new business, adding new employees, moving your shop from one location to another these are just some that came to mind. Over the last year I have completely had those fears. You see we moved to our new location in Oxford, Maine I had big plans, dreams, and even a solid business plan. I was so excited we got the new location December 15, 2018 a dream come true, so I thought. Then that fear hit me. The bills were bigger than expected, a tenant moved out before my tires really started rolling, and then the detailing season started off for us about three months late. So yes I was and sometimes still fear if I am going to make it. How am I getting through it, You may ask. I lean on a great support group of detailers like myself. They help me by reminding me that everyone gets to these crossroads when we question our superpowers.

If your worried about starting or changing your business, try starting with a open mind that things are going to go wrong and all you can do is your best at the time. Here are some things that may help get you through it.

1. Find a group that can help answer questions about the kind of business you are about to grow into. Moral support helps on a couple of things. It helps keep us off the ledge as well as educate us. Remember education is a great way to keep the mind focused on better growth.

2. Keep a journal. I find that this helps keep those small things from bothering me. It also allows me to go back and see how much growth my business has gone through. Try to add pictures if you can. You can do this a couple of different ways. Social Media has become one of the biggest, there is also Google Keep and MS Word these are just some that came to mind. I found a sight that gives you some more reasons to have a journal.

3.Take a second of your day and take a walk, go to the gym, or just go have a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. It is a proven fact that just a brisk walk can take care off hours of anxiety. Here is a good read I found that backs this up.

These are just a few ways that I have gotten over the fear. My favorite is a good group please remember that there is always some one to talk to that have been or are going through these same things.

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